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Steamed Mango Wonder


Cheese 3 cups Mango pulp 1 ½ cups Coconut curb ½ cup Sugar 2 big spoons Bura 5 tsp Ground cardamom ½ teaspoon Milk Powder 2 big spoons Cherry Pistachios Kismis


Merge cardamom powder in cheese, milk powder & halk bura. Rub it till smooth. Divided into 2 part and bake. Mix coconut & bura in mango pulp and bake till it get hard and take off to cool. Lubricate the cooker cans. Spread a portion of cheese on the compartment. Spread the mango over mixture. Spread the second part of cheese. Close with aluminum foil. Put a glass of water in the cooler. Place Netted cans & close cooker. Remove the VAT from cooker. Bake it for 5 minutes on high fire and 10-12 minutes on slow fire. Takeoff and cool. Decorated with cherries, pistachios & raisins and serve it.

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