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Sprouted Black Gram Salad


Sprouted black gram 2 bowls Onion chopped in small pieces 1 Tomatoes chopped in small pieces 2 medium Chopped green Chilly 1 Chopped coriander leaves 4-5 tbsp Curry leaves 4-6 Mustard seeds 1 tbsp Cumin Seeds 1/2 tbs (optional) Asafoetids a very small pinch Salt to taste Lemon Juice


parboil the sprouted gram. In a pan, heat 2 tbs of oil. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and when they splutter add chopped onion, chilly and saute for two minutes. Now add chopped tomatoes. Saute for a minute, add a small pinch of asafoetida and add parboiled gram in it. Add salt and mix. Toss it for 5 minutes and switch off the flame. (You can also add garam masala, amchoor powder, black pepper or any spice of your choice) Sprinkle lemon juice just before serving and garnish with chopped coriander. Sprouted black gram salad is ready to be served.

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