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Mattar Paratha


for the filling

peas, steamed and mashed 1 cup chaat masala a pinch salt to taste green chillies, onion and coriander leaves finely chopped cumin and coriander powder a pinch garam masala a pinch

for the dough

whole wheat flour 1 cup white flour 1 tsp melted butter a bit of salt to taste pepper to taste


mix all the filling material properly.

for the dough

I have used 1 cup whole wheat flour, and a tablespoon of white flour, salt, pepper and a bit of melted butter. Make a nice soft dough.

Heat the tava, make balls of the dough and roll out till thick. put the round in the palm of your hand and put some filling into the dough. bring it up all and seal it. roll it out again till a bit thinner. put it on the heated tava and roast till done. when done spread some butter on it as required.

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