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Lang: English

Roasted green chilies and asafoetida sauce


Coconut (grated) ½ cup Roasted chickpeas ½ cup Green chillies 10-12 Large hing powder ¼ teaspoon Salt as per taste Oil 2 big spoons Tamarind (Bhigi ago) 1 large tablespoon

For Tadka:

Large oil 1 tsp Mustard 1 large tablespoon Urad dal 2 big spoons Curry address some


Add oil in a pot Gerem. green pepper and cook until the green color until they’re done. add now Urad dal fry until golden lighter side. Add asafoetida and take off from fire. the cold Kanre all. tamarind and coconut grind with. Add salt to taste heat oil in it now for the early wry wry Tdkne add the lentils and then began to add a few roasted curry sauce unites to give it.

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