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Porridge Faluda


Milk 1 liter Corn flour 5-5 teaspoons Ice A few pieces Cold water Almonds Rosewater Saffron Syrup Cherry Small Cardamom Sugar


Boil the milk on light fire. Add sugar and cardamom powder when the milk is almost half. Place it in fridge to cool it. Take another container and put 6 spoon of corn flour and wash it. Heat the mixture to get tighten. Put some Cold water and ice cubes in a open dishes. Put the mixture in bhujiya maker and made fluda in cold water fastly. Leave the fluda in water for 5-6 min. Takeout in a dish and put in the fridge for 1hour to cool down. When u want to serve take a bowl and put 2 spoon of porridge and fluda, rosewater, kewrawater n again put porridge & fluda & put some sliced basam, cardamom powder, cherry for decoration.

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