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Mango pickle


Raw mango (medium size) 1 kg Mustard oil 250 g Mustard seeds 25 gm Suf 50 grams Kalonji 50 grams Fenugreek 50 grams Red chilli powder 50 g Turmeric powder 25 g


Common in mid-sized bites. By keeping it in a dry jar, shake it well to rubbing salt in the salt well find common pieces. Now put it in the sun for a day.

Mustard seeds, Suf, Kalonji, fenugreek, turmeric, cayenne pepper and mix all ingredients together.

When heated mustard oil till the rising smoke then let’s let it cool. Now all the ingredients found in common salt to mix thoroughly into pieces. Now pour the remaining oil.

Suti cloth fastened to the mouth of the jar in the sun for 14-15 days Rkden. Stir well to one time per day per jar.

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