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Wooden cloves


Nice Biscuit 30 Coffee 1 teaspoon White Butter 1 cup Melted chocolate 1 cup Coconut bura Cherry


1 cup hot water cofee mix| a long serving dish bike| The coconut shavings Burk AM| 1 1 biscuit Kaufi the dip and quick dish Menlmbai placed on| 10 biscuits and a line of make up| White Mcknmen half the chocolate side a feint Subscribe | knife to mix the biscuits Failaden| Biskuto then put the Kaufi been dipped in | Sign putting the chocolate mix| Kaufi biscuits lined up to over| all the left over chocolate biscuits and cover all the way to insert| place to settle down Frijmen| cherries and coconut badly run Sesja Serve|

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