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Fruit Gato


Sponge cake 1 Cream 250 min. Li Mix Fruit Jam 2 tsp Ken Fruit Kauktel 1 Lime Jelly ½ packet Fresh Fruit Powder sugar 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence ½ tsp


Cut out the Sponge cake from middle in 2 slices. Wet the both slices in the Fruit Kauktel juice. Place 1 slices serving dish. Put sugar in cream and faint it. Spread jam on the top of slices. Spread half cream over the jam. Finely chop the fruit and spread on cream. Put another slice on top press lightly. Cover whole two slices with remaining cream. Place in fridge to set while. Take out & Garnish with fresh fruit. Prepare lime jelly. Garnish fruit with the jelly. Serve chilled.

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