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Penn cake, warm honey, and ice cream with orange sauce


Pen For Cake:

Flour 50 grams Large 1 ½ tsp sugar Milk 1 cup Butter 2 large tablespoons Egg 1

For the orange honey sauce:

Orange Juice 150 mg Honey 30 mg Corn starch 1 large tablespoon Vanilla Ice Cream 8 Skub Decorate with Straberij Cream 100 g (Fenty yesterday)


For Pan Cake mix all ingredients thoroughly and make the paste. Take a wide container and put butter and heat it, then take 1/4 mixture and  roast it. like this made pan cake of orange honey sauce.  In other pan heat the Honey and Orange Juice. Tighten the Corn starch. On every pan cake put two cube of vanilla ice cream and roll it like a tube.  Cut the pan in two parts and server in plate,  decorated with straberji. You can also take normal ice-cream.

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