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Veg Noorani Seekh Kabab


Mixed chopped Vegetables 60g Boiled potatoes 2 Grated cheese 20 grams Sliced ​​beetroot 10 grams Finely chopped red and yellow bell pepper 5 grams Grated cheese 20 grams Slice bread crumbs 4 Sliced ​​ginger 5 grams Chopped garlic 5 grams Cumin powder 1 pinch Salt As per taste Black Salt and white pepper powder As per taste Chopped coriander 5 grams


Mix all ingredients together. Divide the mixture into balls and insert them on oiled skewers, press into 3 inch sausage shapes to make seekh kebabs with wet hands. Cook in the oven. Push a little green chutney, using a spoon into the holes created by the skewers after pulling it out. Serve the kebabs whole or cut into pieces. Garnish with onion rings and tomato wedges.

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