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Mole ice cream


Milkmaid ½ box Milk ½ liter White Mole 50 g Sugar 50 grams Chopped cashews 8-10 Sliced ​​almonds 8-10 Fresh cream 1 cup Green or red color 1 pinch


Put the milk on the fire to cook. Milk The milk may only be made ​​when the puck got a quarter run well. Tilo prepared by finely grinding the paste into the milk mixture and cook. When the mixture is completely cooled off then please become thick. Ready Mix sugar, cream, cashew nuts and almonds Fat bike very well. Now take it forward into three parts. In part one red, the other green and white mix and leave the third. Now put it in the freezer for freezing. While serving one of three colors – Take a spoon.

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