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Lang: English

Layered fun


Maida ½ cup Semolina ½ cup Besan ½ cup Red food coloring 2 Bund Salt as per taste Pepper as per taste Grated cheese ½ cup Grated condensed milk ¼ cup Grated cheese ½ cup Oil As required Origeno powder


Flour, semolina and flour to individually create batter with salt and pepper. Heat a pan smooth soft [Low grilled] chila individually create. Cheese, cheese Lost, salt, pepper and mix Arigeno.तीनों चीलों को एक दुसरे के उपर रख कर बीच में चीज का भरावन भर कर रोल करें व फायल पेपर में बांध कर फ्रीज में 2 घंटे के लिए रख दें। Cut in 1-inch pieces now Serve freeze out.

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